The ATM Academy is a training center for materialographic sample preparation.

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THE IDEA "Made in Germany" - For more than 20 years, these words stand for outstanding quality and products. To ensure continuing trust in this hallmark, quality management is the highest command.
Companies are facing a big challenge here. In their internal quality control, they have to rely on employees with highly specialized knowledge and faculty more than ever before. On a fast growing global market, knowledge is the decisive advantage.

With the ATM-Academy, we want to stand by your side in this challenge. Because we know that qualified people are behind all quality, we developed training courses which provide the required materialography knowledge any time.

We concentrated our experience of many years into intensive courses. Basic courses covering an introduction to materialography, continuation courses covering different preparation steps, special courses for particular materials or practically relevant courses on various subjects- our modular training system always brings you up to date in theory and practice.


The variety of applied materials is growing rapidly. But in spite of the increasing need for qualified employees in materialography, the number of educated materials testers and materialographers decreases. More and more companies fall back to laboratory technicians educated in their own factory.

The ATM-Academy wants to assure the quality in your on-the-job training. Only employees with qualified knowledge guarantee high-quality laboratory results and meaningful analysis.

Since the mid-nineties we regularly hold basic courses in materialography. These courses are attended by numerous employees of national and international companies as further education for laboratory staff. Now, the increasing demand has encouraged us to take the next step: together with experts from research and industry we will offer a variety of customized and advanced courses besides our proved basic course. With our new-built multi-function lecture rooms and the comprehensively equipped materialography lab, we provide the ideal backdrop.


The ATM-Academy training concept concentrates our knowledge in materialography of nearly three decades. A highly skilled team of teaching and lab staff equips you with everything you need for your daily work. Because we want to transfer especially practical knowledge, all theory will be consolidated in numerous practice lessons in our materialography lab. There is a possibility for all participants to learn the required procedures with their individual material.

The courses last between 1 and 3 days and are held in German or English language. If required, other languages will also be available.   

This module imparts theoretical and practical basis of metallurgy, materialographic sample preparation and quantitative evaluation of micro- and macroscopic examinations.

This module focuses on the different analytical evaluation methods like hardness testing, image analysis and purity testing.

These individual courses treat preparation, examination and analysis of special material groups as for example titanium, aluminum, nickel-based alloys, CFK, etc.

These seminar series imparts expert know how on handling different preparation machinery.In-house exhibitionOnce a year, the "ATM-Quality" takes place. Here you can get to know ATM, gain from expert lectures and have on site consulting from our team.


Our qualified Academy team stands for an innovative training concept, in which theory and practice are always going hand in hand.

Hans Peter Monzel Metallographer
Peter Dörnach Mineralogist
Samir Mumdzic Material Tester


As manufacturer and seller of equipment for materialography, ATM is setting new standards in quality and development for nearly 30 years now. Our daily challenge is to offer an outstanding product and service concept to our customers. Since 1980, we develop and manufacture in-house. For customers, our transparent company structure always guarantees maximum quality, flexibility and innovation. Over 30 international partners are confirming this.