Trennscheiben / cut-off wheelsSchleifscheiben / grinding discsEinbettmittel / mounting materialPoliert├╝cher / polishing clothEinbettmittel / mounting material


We will find the suitable consumables for your individual sample preparation task. Our collection of consumables for metallographic analysis has been evaluated in our central lab and is selected for perfect interaction with our instruments.

Our consumables include, among others:

Corundum cut-off wheels, diamand cut-off wheels, saw-blade cut-off wheels, pot wheels, coolants, filter fleece and bags

hot mounting material, cold mounting material, infiltration unit, pressure appliance, cold mounting moulds

Grinding / Polishing / Etching
grinding stones, diamand grinding foils, Zirconia Aluminium grinding papers, Galaxy grinding discs, Galaxy grinding and polishing discs, silicone carbide grinding foils, double-sided adhesive foils, wet grinding papers for Saphir 300, grinding belts, diamond suspension, alumina, fine polishing suspension, polishing cloths, polishing cloth carrier discs, electrolytes, etchants

plasticine, microscope slides, literature, specimen press

Subject to technical modifications and errors