Electrolytic polishing / etching machine KRISTALL 680



Use in lab fume cupboardPolishing and etching unit with maskTouchscreen surface

The KRISTALL 680 is a fully automatic electrolytic polisher and etcher with intuitive touch-screen operation. The polishing and etching unit is separated from the control unit so that the Kristall 680 may also be used in a lab fume cabinet.

A scan function displays the current voltage curve of a material and provides polishing results quickly without structural changes. Handling of the polishing and etching unit was facilitated significantly by the interchangeable 1 Ltr. electrolytic tanks. Different electrolytes can be changed and easily stored with lid. The unit is cleaned with water by a washing program.

Product Advantages

  • Automatic, electrolytic polishing & etching device
  • Touch-screen display with ATM-software control
  • Up to 200 programs with all parameters storable, protected per password
  • Current & voltage diagram in real time
  • Variable output voltage and process duration


Connection power 2 kVA
Max. voltage 90 V DC
Max. current 14 A
Polishing duration 1 sec - 25 min
Etching duration 1 sec - 5 min
W x H x D 330 x 220 x 400mm
Weight ~ 7 kg

Subject to technical modifications and errors