Application Reports

  • EBSD microstructure examination using SEM

    The electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) technique – a powerful tool to study microstructures by SEM (scanning electron microscopy)
  • Materialographic Preparation of Specimens Produced by 3D-Printing Technologies

    One of the various 3D printing methods is additive laser powder build-up welding. This technique is characterized by coating materials in powder form with the help of laser welding. The desired shape of the specific product is formed by following trajectories which are predefined prior to manufacturing. The energy of the laser melts the used metal powder forming a welding bead. The final geometry is given its threedimensional contour by the overlapping of the welding beads based on the paths of the predefined trajectories. Optimization of the additive laser powder build-up welding focuses on economical processing with high quality and accuracy.