NEW: Grinding & Polishing Robot Saphir X-Change

For grinding and polishing processes with highest efficiency ATM has developed the new Saphir X-Change robot which combines several meters of standard equipment for grinding and polishing in one single unit.

A grinding and polishing station with integrated settling tank as well as an ultrasonic and cleaning station reduce preparation time and ensure an efficient work process with reproducible results. The process is automated by intuitive touchscreen-controls. During the cleaning cycle the media changer automatically chooses and changes between up to 16 different grinding & polishing media. Thanks to material removal measurement the removal height may be set within 0.1 mm accuracy. All parameters can be adjusted directly during the process.

The semi-covered working space of the Saphir X-Change with large panel and light-barrier complies with highest safety standards.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Fully automated grinding- and polishing system with central pressure
  • Polishing head with variable speed
  • Removal measurement
  • Electronic control with touch screen
  • Automatic abrasive changer
  • Cleaning station with water, air and ethanol
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Light barrier for safe operation

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