Polishing cloths

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We will find the suitable consumables for your individual sample preparation task. Our collection of consumables for metallographic analysis has been evaluated in our central lab and is selected for perfect interaction with our instruments:

Planar grinding

Grinding wheels

Diamond grinding foils, zirconia aluminum grinding papers, Galaxy diamond grinding cloth, silicon carbide grinding foils, adhesive carrier, zirconia aluminum grinding foils, silicon carbide wet grinding papers, silicon carbide grinding papers, double-side adhesive foils, wet grinding papers for Saphir 300, grinding belts

Dia-COMPLETE All-In-One diamond suspenion (water-based),Diamond suspension (alcohol-based), diamond suspension (oil-based), diamond spray, diamond paste, diamond lubricant, alumina suspension, fine
polishing suspension, GALAXY polishing cloths with metal carrier, polishing cloths, polishing cloths carrier discs, magnetic foil (self-adhesive)


Electrolyte, accessories Kristall, etchants

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