System Hot Mounting Presses

combination with two units 

The hot mounting press Opal 460 and hot mounting press Opal 480 are available not only as single units but also as a bench standing unit. By integrating the mounting presses into a compact system, we produce a comfortable working height.

Optionally, the system mounting press may be equipped with a closed cooling water system, so it becomes independent from any mains water supply. In addition, the water consumption is reduced to a single filling (6 litres).

The system-mounting presses are available as twin- or triple powder-coated aluminum units and also perfectly fit into our ATM System Laboratory.

Product advantages

  • automatic hot mounting press in System Lab design, optionally available with Opal 460, 480 and HPL-tabletop
  • every mounting press operates independently
  • automatic water cooling (with water-miser function)
  • automatic sliding closure system
  • fully hydraulic operation
  • computer controlled with automatic cycle system
  • three different pressure modes
  • easy change of mould assemblies
  • made of powder-coated aluminium
  • e-Lab ready

System hot mounting press sizes

2-lines WxHxD: 88x110x80 cm
3-lines WxHxD: 132x110x80 cm

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